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Inštitut za matematiko, fiziko in mehaniko


Math is like love - a simple idea but it can get complicated.

R. Drabek
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The highest management authority of the Institute is the Board, which determines the activities and business operations of the Institute. The Board is composed of representatives of the founder, representatives of Institute employees and representatives of users of stakeholders.

The Institute is presented and represented by the Institute director without restriction. The work of the departments is administered by department heads, appointed by the Institute Board.

Board members (from October 01, 2017):

  • Franc Forstnerič (Chairman and representative ob Department of Mathematics)
  • Pavle Saksida, PhD (Department of Mathematics)
  • Marko Jagodič, PhD (Department of Physics)
  • Primož Potočnik, PhD (Department of Theoretical Computer Science)

  • Simona Puncer Klemenčič (Administration)

  • Matija Cencelj, PhD (PEF UL)

  • Gašper Jaklič, PhD (FGG (UL)
  • Sandi Klavžar, PhD (FNM UM)

  • Marko Orel, PhD (FAMNIT UP)

  • Iztok Peterin, PhD (FERI UM)

  • Peter Šemrl, PhD (FMF UL)

Management and administration:

  • Jernej Kozak, PhD (Director)

  • Tanja Cvek, MSc. (Deputy Director)

  • Simona Puncer Klemenčič (Chief Accountant)

  • Maja Suhadolc (Accountant)


  • Damjana Kokol Bukovšek, PhD, Head of the Department of Mathematics

  • Zvonko Jagličić, PhD, Head of the Department of Physics

  • Andrej Bauer, PhD, Head of the Department of Theoretical Computer Science